Mona Velazquez

Owner / Designer

Advanced Business Enhancements


Company Overview

Since the Summer of 2001, companies across the nation have received ABE consulting services for:

  • custom website & executive presentation design
  • client-side development & branding of SharePoint and Office 365 (2007 - 2016)
  • customization & automation of Microsoft Office presentations, documents, templates, forms & databases
  • visual design of vector & raster graphics for use in online & printed collateral


Technologies Provided

HTML5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap | jQuery | Javascript | XSLT | XML | SharePoint COM


You can expect high standards and work ethic — quality, honesty, integrity, reliability & respect!


Background Information

Martin and Mona

Mona grew up in Bradenton, Florida in the Tampa Bay area and married her loving husband, Martin, in June of 1985. She enjoys photographing the abundant beauty found in life. A sample of her photography is displayed in the image carousel on the home page of this site. Martin and she spend their free time doing volunteer work in the community where they live. They are dedicated to educating others on the value of applying Bible-based principles in everyday life while respecting the individuals' right to choose their personal form of worship and lifestyle.

In 1988 they moved to Orlando, Florida to pursue better work opportunities. She began her career in information design with The Walt Disney World Company in February of 1989. There, she received personal training by some of the best graphics and application designers in the industry. She was instructed in advanced skills such as database design and reporting, executive presentations, graphics, automation and programming, as well as production of electronic documents and templates.

Rock Island

In 2001 they relocated to the state of Tennessee for almost 12 years to expand their volunteer work that had become the main focus of their life. The valuable design skills learned at WDW were put to use in the company that was formed — Advanced Business Enhancements.


Due to changing family obligations they decided to return home to the Tampa Bay area in the Fall of 2012. Mona continues to provide her advanced skills and consulting services to a growing number of departments at WDW and other clients. Her consulting and design services are all computer based. As a result, clients all over the country — all over the WORLD, for that matter — can benefit from her quality work and advanced computer skills! She would love the opportunity to work with you on your next project.